The Official Penns Valley Ram

In April of 2019 the Penns Valley School Board commissioned a committee to survey the students and staff about our school logo. There are no fewer than five different rams on school property around the District and the plan moving forward is to unify our brand under one logo. 

The committee solicited input from the community to submit ram logos for consideration. In all the committee received sixteen designs from alumni, students, community members, and professional designers. Students and staff voted on the submissions and the results were given to the board. At the March meeting the board approved the new logo. The new logo will be used exclusively for athletics and activities. 

You could say that the logo has come full circle. The designer of the new logo is 1989 Penns Valley graduate, Alex Bierly. He is responsible for transcribing the mural painting created by Martha Dinges into the graphic logo that was the official ram logo for many years.

For those partial to the old ram, do not worry. It is not going away. It will always be a part of the Penns Valley heritage and will make appearances from time to time at events, especially events honoring the alumni who grew up with it.